jueves, 22 de junio de 2017

Impact. Compassion

This image, helps in a part of the thing that I get very passionate about it, is the social service.
The use of thins images helps to try to put in the same level as some animals need, feeling compasion and empathy for them.
Emaze presentation

Este es mi video hecho con Animoto

Mis primeras horas en París. Video



Proyecto ES

Información para negocios, emprendedores e innovadores


As we know nowadays we spend too much time at internet, now the this tecnology leave behind the T.V and de newpaper, and now we use smartphones, tablet, laptop and PC in last instance.

Every bussiness who wants to be on the last tendence mus be part of this changes and aply strategics to make sure to have what their custumers needs, so they have to choose the specific words and images to make it easy for them to recognize our brand.

The responsive web desing is about to create a brand positioning using grafic desigh an navigation, integrating all aspects, what we need in our diferente devices that our custumer use.

martes, 20 de junio de 2017

¿What is a chatbot?


¿What is a chatbot?

This is a program that helps to starts a conversation with your customer, helping to start the conection between the two parts. It use textual methods, preprogramed with the information you what your custumer know. This is useful for the bussiness to start to make the custumers feel important for the company, at the end they can get engagement. with the brand.

The conversational Commerce.

Using chatbots, bussiness can solve custumer services as shipping or deliverys, also give recomentaditons, make wishlist, and help them to find what they really need, an be specific about the products that the company offers.
Marketing automation

¿How this changes impact my industry?

I like create new bussines the changes of markenting autmation helps to have times to get to our custumer, It heps to be closer and detect easily our wanted market, and get the conection and analize what do our costumer needs and fill that necesities.